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Waldsteinia ternata

Adaptable, evergreen groundcover that forms a dense mat in full sun to part shade sites. Yellow, strawberry-like flowers appear during early spring. 4-6" ht. Z 3-7.

1 gal
Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard'

Evergreen, sword-shaped leaves with bold central stripe of bright canary-yellow against a rich-celadon edge. Variegation turns rose in cool weather. Clusters of nodding, creamy-white bells develop in midsummer on 6' high stems. 2' high and wide. Z 5-10.

2 gal
Zizia aurea

Native. Upright, perennial wildflower with glossy, compound, basel leaves. Yellow flowers from late spring to early summer. Prefers sunny sites with moist, loamy soils although tolerant of drier soils and light shade. Attractive to butterflies and pollinators. Can be short-lived but reseeds. 1-3' h x 1-2' w. Z 3-9.

1 gal